Two years ago when I began researching full-time RVing, my idea and belief were associated with retirees or people who have checked out of mainstream society. What I discovered were the issues of internet signal coverage, connectivity, and identifying cheap, clean, RV campgrounds.

However, to my surprise, the most astonishing facts were the enormous number of adults between the ages of 20 and 40 who are full-timing. They are the youth of the RV industry.

Currently, there are hundreds of work & volunteer programs available for full-time RV’er across the US. Most of the positions are seasonal such as volunteering, working at the National Parks, and Work camper programs. The topics of jobs alone have initiated hundreds if not thousands of blog postings, online books and are the question foremost asked by the young full-time prospects.

Heath and Alyssa Padgett are a couple of youthful RV’er who recently debuted a documentary sharing their experiences of the past two years. Heath’s very successful podcast interviews are instrumental in educating the youth who are interested in the RV lifestyle as entrepreneurs.

As a retiree and young baby-boomer, some would say our best years are behind us.

However, it is the youth who are revealing how the full-time RV lifestyle is something we all share.

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8 responses to “Youth”

  1. what a great post and quote –

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  2. Marty have you ever met the couple from Outside Our Bubble which you quoted above? They will be hosting their 2nd get together in Quartzsite, AZ in January if you get out that way. See:

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    1. I checked their site and I placed them on my calendar for attendance. 🙂

      I will winter in AZ unless other writing opportunities arise.

      I look forward to see you two when in AZ. Take care and remain safe. 🙂


  3. We have just started full-timing as a young family of nomads. It was so nice to read about how it’s not crazy or abnormal! Thanks!

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    1. Well, welcome to the Full-timing world. There are so many resources available through podcasting. Your site is wonderfully laid out with plenty of photos. I will follow your journey also. 🙂

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