“Cheats & Mistakes.”


In the Spring of 1963, Malcolm Milton University’s spring mid-term testing was in its final hours. Tenured History Professor, Wilbur Wilshire was shocked and astonished when he recognized an honors violation. For several moments he stared in disbelief since he had not witnessed an honors violation in his classroom since the fall semester of 1952.

He watched for several minutes as Azikel Alberson consistently glanced into both of his palms. Astonished by what he was witnessing, after 6-weeks of classes. He assumed the 48 students recognized the mirrors placed near the ceiling in the rear of the classroom allowing the professor to view any honors violations.

After class, the professor escorted Azikel Alberson to Dean Sullivan O’Malley’s office to report the violator.

Upon, entering Dean Sullivan’s office, Professor Wilshire explained the circumstances of the honors violation and what he witnessed. Dean Sullivan looks towards Azikel Alberson and asks for his explanation.

Azikel, looks upwards towards the ceiling, then down towards the floor and looks Dean Sullivan in the eyes and states.

“I apologized for cheating, it was a mistake on my part and can I retake the test next week?”

Dean Sullivan stared at the Azikel Alberson contemplating the student’s punishment. He thought how quickly the apology was stated and did not reflect any form of sincerity on his part.

Dean asked Azikel. “Do you think what you did was a choice or a mistake?”

Quickly, Azikel said it was a Mistake.

The Dean asked Azikel, to hold out his hand’s palms facing towards the ceiling. Azikel did as asked.

The Dean told him to look at the choices in the palms of his hands, because what you did was not a mistake. It was a conscious choice. You will retake the class during the summer session.

Cheating is the deliberate act you chose and not a mistake you use as an excuse.

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3 responses to ““Cheats & Mistakes.””

  1. Good on the Dean for making him do the course again rather than allowing him to re-sit the exam. Hope the student learnt a valuable lesson.

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  2. The abltiiy to think like that shows you’re an expert

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