A forensic psychologist, a forensic accountant, and forensic fingerprint expert, were summoned to court as witnesses for the prosecution.

Because of the rule on witnesses, they were all forbidden to talk about the case as they sat in the waiting room outside the courtroom.

After 20-min they began discussing the weather, sports, and soon they started debating who expertise was more valuable for the prosecution.

The forensic psychologist expert claimed his knowledge is used to assess the mental state of the criminal and victims.

The forensic accountant spoke of his ability to recognize procurement fraud of a top executive cooking the books or a spouse hiding income.

The forensic fingerprint explained how he uses his exceptional knowledge to analyze ear, finger, and footprint clues left at the crime scenes.

Suddenly they were silent when the door opens, and the courtroom bailiff said the prosecutor offered a plea deal and the defense accepted. You all are free to go but, the prosecutor will be in shortly to speak with you all.

When the bailiff left, they all smiled when the forensic psychologist said I predicted the criminals would be convicted. The forensic accountant said he collected enough evidence to seal the case. The forensic fingerprint expert said the evidence he collected put criminal at the scene and the weapons in their hands.

Shortly thereafter the prosecutor enters the waiting room to explain the decision. I want to thank you all for appearing and waiting. However, the suspects accepted our offer to plead guilty to two counts of fraud of a thousand dollars. They will complete twenty weekends in jail, and two years probation for the theft and fraudulent sale of four hundred boxes of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies.

The Forensic fingerprint experts asked, what was the deciding factor in causing them to take the plea agreement? The prosecutor said the two women who are mothers of Girl Scouts noticed the gallery audience was filled with Girls & women from the entire area dress in their Girl Scout uniforms.

No expert evidence was needed. The prosecutor smiled and said the local Girl Scout Council also delivered several dozens free boxes of Girl Scout cookies & milk to our office, and you all are welcome to them.

All three experts exited the room to enjoy milk and Girl Scout cookies.

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