Living a clothing stylish life has been a part of who I am since, my teenage years. I wore creased pants, pressed shirts, starched jean pants, stylish dress shirts with matching tie clips and cufflinks for church.


However, since retirement, I gave up that luxurious lifestyle to become a certified Florida Beach Bum. I would weare my beach-bum stylish Nike, dry-fit shorts, t-shirts, cap, with flip flops or tennis shoes. With an assortment of colors. I loved my style beach style, and I wore it proudly.


Since I began my nomadic adventure, I have transitioned away from the Beach-Bum Lifestyle. Recently my beach bum certification was revoked when I purchased my first pair of convertible men’s cargo hiking pants. If you are wondering what convertible hiking pants are, I will define. The hiking pants have a zipper that separates the lower leg above the knee.


After this past weekends hkes in the Wasatch Mountains near Salt Lake City, I will be applying to become a stylish hiking-bum. So, hopefully, my hiking -bum certification will become finished by Thanksgiving.

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  1. Brilliant, Happy Stylish Days.


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