“Funny Dilemma.”



The church elders had a horrible dilemma as hundreds of parishioners gathered for the viewing and funeral of 66-year-old Francine “Fanny” Fitzgerald, a member of the church for 66 years, however, she was not inside the coffin.

When Deacon, Saint explained to Minister Paul, their dilemma. The looks of shock settled over his face. After calling the mortuary to confirm, they delivered Mrs. Fitzgerald at 8:00 am, it was discovered Decon Joseph signed for her.

The mortuary did search their building and could not find any extra bodies and they had not cremated anyone since Mrs. Fitzgerald’s arrival.

Suddenly Deacon Joseph, stepped inside the minister’s office. Mrs. Fitzgerald’s sister Mildred Flanders what to open the casket, is it ok to start the viewing?
Deacon Saint and Minister Paul looked asked Deacon Joseph, did he look inside the coffin when it arrived. Deacon Joseph responded, oh yes I did. I may add that Sister Fitzgerald looked so beautiful.

A piercing scream could he heard coming from the sanctuary, followed by further screaming as the men ran to the sanctuary.

When they entered, they noticed several parishioners who fainted and were laying on the floor. Many people were rushing to see the empty coffin, as Mrs. Fitzgerald’s sister, 62-year-old Mildred Flanders, held in between her thumb and forefinger in each hand what looked like 3 to 4-inch white curved ceramic or porcelain horns with red smudges on the ends.

With a menacing and stern face, she yelled at Minister, Paul.

I told you she was the devil!.

Minister, Paul asked, are those devil horns?

Deacon Saint, Yes, but we don’t have a body

Deacon Joseph, Since I signed for her, am I responsible?

Mildred Flanders drops the horns inside the coffin, looks at Deacon Joseph, you are not liable, its the devil’s dilemma, then turns to everyone and said “no funeral today” and walked out of the church stepping over bodies as she exited.

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3 responses to ““Funny Dilemma.””

  1. Did not see that coming. That was funny.


  2. LOL! “Told you she was the devil”. Sounds like a sister lol

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