“The Argument”


On a cold December morning, two weeks before Christmas, at 4:00 am the clock radio compact disc alarm activated softly playing The Beatles song, “Here comes the sun.” Tom Hartfield, rolls over to his wife Kathy of three years to kiss her on the cheek. Kathy opens her eyes and smiles, returning the kiss on Tom’s lips.

As the music plays in the background, Tom asked, do you want me to hit the snooze button? Kathy says no, we need to get ready for work.

Kathy quickly asked, did you buy coffee on the way home from work yesterday? Suddenly there is silence as the chorus, “here come the sun,” echoes in the background.

With Tom’s silence, Kathy sucks her teeth, throwing back the comforter and blanket on top of Tom, who was sitting up with a perplexed look on his face trying to remember. He said. “I’m sorry,” just as the bathroom door slammed shut.

Tom, was dejected, as he stepped out of bed slowly walking to the second bathroom to shower.

When Tom turns the knob of the second bathroom shower, he hears, Kathy scream, and he remembers by turning on the water can cause a drop in pressure in the master bathroom.Tom sits on the toilet while he waits for Kathy to finish.

After Tom waited for Kathy to finish her shower, he started his and when he finished he heard Kathy yell aloud, “darn it!” Tom waited in the bathroom for her to finish dressing.

When he heard Kathy in the kitchen, he walked to the bedroom to dress for work. He again heard her yell “darn it.”

Tom took a deep breath and finished dressing, walked into the kitchen where he found a box of donuts, hot coffee in the pot and a note that read.

Dear Tom,

We have not had an argument in over a year, but I was upset when you did not answer if you bought any coffee. My anger caused me to break the heel of one of my favorite shoes. When I entered the kitchen, I saw that you had purchased the coffee and even set the coffee maker to brew.

I’m so sorry Tom, please forgive me?

Kathy 🙂

A smile spread across Tom’s face as he poured his coffee. He gathered his belongings to leave, opened the door to the garage, and Kathy was standing in front of him.
She kissed Tom’s cheek, then his lips, staring into Tom’s eyes

I’m sorry.

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3 responses to ““The Argument””

  1. Sound like a happy couple.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That story made me cry. Thank you for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Barbara, thank you for liking.:-)

      I’m spreading my writing wings in preparations for next months national Novel Writing Month. (NaNoWriMo)


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