As a Boy Scout Leader, it brought joy to my heart to watch the transformation of a prepubescent teen as they progressed through their teenage years to become a respectful and honorable young man.

However, during this transformative years, there are humorous moments I recall that brings a smile to my face even to this day.

For some boys, growth takes place overnight, and others may take a period of six months to a year or more. Some outgrow clothing, and shoes they have only worn once or twice. Our troop had a uniform drop off so that another parent could benefit from clothing another Boy Scout outgrew.

Some of the boys were aware of their growth spurts, and they became self-conscious while others boy’s never noticed their size 10 1/2 foot outgrowing his 5’3, 110lbs frame.

I knew one of those boys who’s feet outgrew his shoes, and quite frankly the rest of his body. I found myself biting my lip & tongue as he walked along a level sidewalk, or smooth asphalt and literally trip over his feet falling hard to the ground.

Clumsy is a word I used to describe him, but he was proud of his large feet since they the same size as his father’s. I often told him, as an adult, he will need to maintain a good job to pay for his shoes if his feet kept growing.

I recall he and others in the troop constantly tripped over their feet walking up a hill, down a hill while looking down to see where they were walking. They did this with or without a backpack on a hike, with hiking boots or tennis shoes.

Usually, within, six months, most of the boy’s bodies caught up with their feet.

I hope when most of the boys have a son, I’m around to witness an document with a camera phone, the clumsy time in every teenager’s life. I figure it will provide many laughing opportunities repeatedly watching the clumsiness of a teenager.

If they read this, they will film me as I age to capture me in photos to laugh at their benefit. 🙂

So is the cycle of life.

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3 responses to ““Clumsy​.””

  1. This had me smiling at my own memories of my sons growing up.

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  2. Right up there with puppies and kittens.

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