Eunice Hedge-Clapper died at age 62 when her car was struck by falling debris from an overpass as she sat in traffic on Interstate 95 north of Washington DC. The eerily uncanny accident and her immediate death shocked her suburban community north of Washington DC

Just under two hundred people attended the funeral held at St. Agness Catholic Church where Eunice was baptized, confirmed and married. Her three children now adults live in the area also attend the church.

Her eldest granddaughter age eight was a fixture at her side on the weekends and summer breaks. Fortunately, she was not in the car at the time of the accident, because Eunice dropped her off at their church for the little girl to participate in children’s choir practice.

After the funeral and burial family friends and guest gathered in the church’s gymnasium. A monitor displayed photos of her life.

Twenty or more people began addressing the crowd about how Eunice impacted their life when the eldest granddaughter walked on to the stage and using the microphone she began to speak.

“I will miss my grandmother here on earth, but her presence will see me graduate high school, college and marry,”

As she spoke, the audience became quiet.
She went on to state,
“She loved her family, friends, church, and community.

The little girl stopped talking, with her eyes opened wide angling upward to her right, she looks back towards the audience paused for a moment as the silence built for several seconds

She told the crowd,

“Grandma says, live to help others, don’t over indulge,” and the little girl walks off the stage.

An eerie ghostly presence of Eunice Wedge-Clapper was felt, and in silence, the audience began exiting the gymnasium.

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