“Chaotic Chocolate, Short Story #2.”


After spending Thanksgiving with Jeffery’s parents, the couple enjoyed a leisurely ride home but stopped to buy a live Christmas tree in which Jason helped choose. They looked forward to evenings decorating the tree, signing Christmas cards and wrapping gifts.

Because of 5-year-old Jason’s engaging personality with the baby boomers at his Grandmothers Thanksgiving Luncheon, several of guest sent him advent calendars filled with chocolates.

On the first day of Advent, Jason woke with thoughts of chocolate on his mind. However, his mother also thought of the nine advent calendars Jason received and allowed him only one piece in the morning and three in his lunch box for school. Jason never questioned thought of the other five pieces.

On the third day of Advent, Jeffery and Jaqueline received two wrapped gifts from Jefferies parents marked unwrapped as soon as it arrives. One was a 12-bottle box of wine labeled advent wine.

Although both were raised devout Catholic neither ever heard of Advent wine? Jeffery called and thanked his parents anyway.

On the fourth day of Advent, the family enjoyed the evening decorating the Christmas Tree, drinking wine and watching Jason enjoying a sugar high because he ate five pieces of chocolates.

However, because of the wine Jeffery and Jaqueline consumed they still had to deal with Jason’s chocolate hyperactivity, and he did not get to bed until well past 9:30 pm as opposed to his usual bedtime of 8:00 pm.

After Jason was in bed asleep, Jeffery and Jaqueline spent the evening drinking their wine and to solved the problem for the next night, and they ate the rest of the chocolates in the four remaining Advent calendars.


The following morning after breakfast, Jason helped clear the kitchen table, throwing trash into the garbage container, when he began to cry,

Jaqueline was feeling a little groggy from the night before, rushes to Jason hugging and asking him what is wrong?
He pointed to an empty advent calendar inside the kitchen trash container and said: “Someone ate all of the chocolate before Christmas.”

Jeffery hears the commotion and enters the kitchen. Jason turns to his Dad and asks; did you eat the chocolates from the advent calendar?
Jaqueline begins to cry, knowing she and Jeffery ate the candy along with three bottles of wine the night before.

Jeffery kneels on wobbly knees, hugs his son, and tells him: “the candy was outdated and had to be thrown away.”

Jason stops crying and turns to his mother and with his large innocent brown eyes still wet from crying, asks his mom was the candy old, like milk.

Jaqueline hugs Jason telling him yes, it was old candy and we washed it down the kitchen drain.
Jason looked at his mother and said, ok Mom.

Jason said: “Daddy, I need my coat for school,” and walked to his room for his coat.”

Jeffery and Jaqueline looked at one another, smiled and shrugged their shoulders.

When Jeffery said, “I know why my parents sent the Advent wine.”

Part #1 of this holiday season short story link.

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7 responses to ““Chaotic Chocolate, Short Story #2.””

    1. Thank you, Violet, I have been busy with editing and reshaping several short stories preparing them for publishing.

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        1. Your comments mean a lot as I have read your short stories and scenes. You work is really great. 🙂

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