“Two, Gulf of Mexico morning horizons.”

The Gulf of Mexico has two horizons for me as seen from Galveston Texas sunrise December 2016, windy cold.


Fort Myer Florida November 2015 sunset, lazily warm.


Sunrise or sunset each has a perspective from either coastline as seen in these photos do not reveal the temperature differences.

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13 responses to ““Two, Gulf of Mexico morning horizons.””

  1. Such a gorgeous sunset:)

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  2. Love the two different perspectives over the Gulf of Mexico.

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  3. Yes the horizon is accentuated at sun rise or sun set.

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    1. Oh yes they do. I will posting photos where I use objects to break up the contrast of the landscapes.

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  4. […] “Two, Gulf of Mexico morning horizons.” – Nomadic Adventurer […]

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  5. I spend a lot of time at Treasure Island, Florida.

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    1. Well, for now, I’m literally across the Gulf in Galveston, but by the end of next week, I will be looking at the Gulf from Fort Myers. Lol. 🙂

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  6. I love your photos! I grew up around Galveston!


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