“Travel Conundrum the weather.”


For two months my travel conundrum has been cool to cold daytime temperatures in Tucson Arizona and now Galveston TX.

I had also come to appreciate the months of research I conducted to make Southwest Florida my retiree destination before I struck out as a full-time Rv’er.

In all of the months of my preparations for traveling full time in an RV, I would never have considered cool to cold weather would become my nemesis. It has become hard for me to adapt to hiking, biking, or simply writing outside.

Initially, I made the assumptions I would or could adapt to hiking the local trails in Tucson but after two attempts at a two-thousand-foot elevation with 10-15 mph winds, and I was not a happy hiker. So, four days later, I’m in Galveston TX.

But, although the real conundrum is I’m a warm weather outdoors type person and to view the Gulf of Mexico from the shores of Galveston TX is exhilarating the cool to cold water, and air temperatures extinguished my happiness.

However, my attempt today at hiking Galveston Island with overcast skies, temperatures barely in the 60’s with 5-10 mph breezes. Needless to say, the damp, cool temperatures cause me to retreat to the RV and read the day away.

So my conundrum has become the weather, not snakes, not bears, nor any other insects or animals. Well, there was the encounter with the Moose, but I escaped without incident.

So, I guess I will be on a trip around to the Gulf of Mexico to the only place I can hike, camp, fish, Geocache and enjoy constant daily temperatures in the 70’s or more is Southwest Florida.

Conundrum solved. 🙂

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5 responses to ““Travel Conundrum the weather.””

  1. Nothing wrong with admitting you are a fair weather hiker. Being constantly in the cold would make me very unhappy and possibly a bit unpleasant.

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    1. Hey thanks Barbara. I’m sure it is the male ego that kept me from recognizing where I’m supposed to be. I can always return to the western US desert & mountains in a 4-5 day drive instead of toughing it out.


  2. Good call there. Warmer temperatures always welcome!

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  3. We are always looking for warmer weather to get outside! I sure liked reading this!


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