“Holly Jolly Folly Christmas Re-Gifts. Short Story#4”


With 72-hours before their employees, Christmas parties. Jeffery and Jaqueline have yet to map out one of their most important decision of the Christmas season, what to regift for their co-workers.

After their first Christmas, they decided to regift the wired, uncanny, and simply the gaudiest gifts they could ever imagine. They still cringe when they regift the unique smells of Applespice and Curry bath salts or the Chia-pets.

Of course the following year they were completely shocked when several of their regifts returned, including a “plastic slinky” and the unusual scent of Apple-spice and Curry Bath Salts.

After those gifts had returned, Jeffery developed a spreadsheet listing horrible gifts they received and planned to regift. The spreadsheet identified who they received the gift from, who’s office, the year and if the gift had an expiration date.

The processed has worked well for several years by separating two years in between the regifting of items they received. This Christmas several of the regifts needed to be placed because of expiration dates.

Jeffery and Jaqueline had a list of twenty-one people and they spent several hours deciding who gets picture frames, Fruit-Cakes, Puzzels, Gift-baskets, Scented-Candles, Fragrances, scented-soaps, scented-lotions, bathroom-towels, Spa-Gift, and board-games. They purchased two of everything to add to their collection of regifts.

Uniquely, both of their employee parties were scheduled on the same evening and the decision to attend Jeffery’s office Christmas party first was decided by a flip of a coin toss. Secretly, Jeffery was happy that they attended Jacqueline’s last since it usually had better food and liquor.

The gift exchanged at Jeffery’s Christmas party went uneventful, and they collected bottles of apple-cherry wine which they are not sweet wine lovers. Once they took possession, they looked at one another and whispered regift. Their last gift was a collection of Morrocan-Rose scented soaps, which Jaqueline loved immediately.

Jacqueline’s, office party has a younger crowd of employees, and their gift’s reflected their age and the amount they spent. The Lehman’s received a Monopoly Drinking Game-Drink-A-Palooza, Two bars of “Beer” scented soaps, and two one-pound Fruitcakes.

When they collected their gifts in a large shopping bag to leave the party, Jeffery held Jaqueline’s hand walking to their car. Jeffery opened the door and kissed Jaqueline passionately. She tells Jeffery, thank you that was a nice Christmas party, I love you.
Jeffery, tell’s Jaqueline, I love you too.

Jaqueline, looking at Jeffery, I’m so grateful for you, Jason, our parents and that we share the love for one another and knowingly feel appreciated for what we have and yet not spend out of our budget, by regifting.

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