“Martin Luther King Jr.”

This weekend has been a whirlwind of amazing events for me here in Utah, including the exceptional performance by Taylor Mac kicking off MLK week and the inspirational, packed #writersresist event last night at Mandate Press. Today, I’m immersing myself in reading poems to honor Martin Luther King Jr. and listening to our local community radio […]

via Honor Martin Luther King Jr. day in poetry —— poems & national events — Trish Hopkinson


3 responses to ““Martin Luther King Jr.””

  1. I hope everyone reading this joins their local Women’s March on 1/21 to show their solidarity for all the gains we’ve made in stopping racism, women’s reproductive rights, health care, equal wages, etc. over the past 6o years. We’re not going back!

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  2. So many powerful thoughts — and I can particularly relate to “Some relationships will be helped and some will be hi1r2ded.&#8e2n; I feel that way about many aspects of life — and can definitely appreciate how others will project their stuff on you. Sometimes my not drinking — because I don’t always like it; because it’s not a big thing for me; because I would rather have a Diet Coke, thanks — seems to turn everyone else on the defensive. Why am I not drinking? Should they be drinking? Am I making a statement? Am I judging them for drinking? It’s such… a thing. I wish it wasn’t, but it is.

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