During my four years of college, I maintained twelve college credit hours per semester, six during the summer including twelve hours of lab work per month the two semesters before graduation and during the summer, I held a part-time job of thirty hours a week.

When I interviewed for employment with several biomedical companies before graduation, they all wanted me to begin immediately, except for one.

I interviewed with a Mrs. Langston, of Global Technologies, and after fifteen minutes she offered me a job. She also made another suggestion after reviewing my transcripts. She recommended I take a “Gap year.”

Now, I was unaware of what she was telling me, but I nodded in agreement, smiled, and said yes to the job offer and to participate in the gap year.

The only requirement was that I check in once a month with their subsidiaries around the globe or at the headquarters facility in the US.

I walked away from the interview towards my dorm room with a job after graduation, but know idea what was a “Gap Year.” The “Gap Year,” paperwork she gave me suggested traveling options and ideas on how to use my gap year.

Two months later and two days after my graduation I was in a REI store spending my graduation monies to purchase gear for my trek around the world.

A year later, I notified Mrs. Langston of my intentions to start work on May 1st. After six months of work with Global Technologies. I sit in my office, and my heart, my mind, and my spirit are uneven with my desires to work as I dream of my travels.

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7 responses to ““Uneven.””

  1. Oh no uneven at work! Sounds like you did not get over the gap year!

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    1. Now, living several Gap Years. Lol 🙂

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      1. Oh yes, indeed many gap years now for you. We can’t wait for ours! LOL

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  2. This is my gap year. The one I never got to take 44 years ago. What happens after the gap? Maybe another one. Why not? I have committed to a March 23rd start on the Appalachian Trail. No extended winter in SW Florida this year. You still have that REI gear and does it still fit?

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    1. Hey, Mike, I have only a day pack, I was planning to winter in Tucson and hike the mountains, but was forced back by the cold and home sickness for the warmth of SWFL. I may travel up with you and see you off. I’m still planning to hike the John Muir Trail in the summer. I’ll be at the meeting on Saturday.

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      1. You are always welcome on the Trail. The JMT is on my bucket list but still a ways down. No meetings for me, we decided to consolidate and stick closer to home.

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        1. Ok, we need to get together for coffee, Email me.


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