My name is Sylvester Williewood, and the Mercantile Finance Corporation has employed me for thirty-seven years. I began my career in the mail room, and I have risen to become the vice president of the corporation. I’m currently in negotiations with another financial institution which has offered to hire me.


The regularly scheduled Monday morning conference with all twelve board members in attendance seated around the table is when I told them of the job offer I received.

There was a silence in the room as everyone was surprised and saddened when I heard a voice ask out loud. When will you make your decision Mr. WIlliewood?

I will decide after conferring with my wife.

Mr. WIlliewood you are a thoughtful husband to discuss your job offer with your wife.

After, forty-two years of marriage, I’ve learned a couple of things about keeping my wife happy especially when the job offer will relocate us to another state.

What state is the offer?

Oh, I rather not say, but it will be a warm year-round climate

At the other end of the table, the president asked If Mercantile Finance could provide a counter offer?

No, my wife only needs to make her decision.

Suddenly the President of the Mercantile Finance Corporation, stood up to tell the board that she and her husband will accept the retirement offer and will be leaving the corporation for sunny Florida in three weeks.

So, the journey begins!

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3 responses to “Exquisite”

  1. It is the journey of adventures!

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  2. Hip, hip, hooray! Happy retirement.

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