“Journey Unravel.”


Usually, a journey takes someone from one location to another, so what is a personal journey?

Within the mind, a personal journey begins with imagination, a dream or idea, driven by desires, fueled by a passion for achieving a goal.

It takes fortitude and perseverance to remain focused on a journey in the face of distractions, enticements, and temptations. Although some journeys are shared with the love of family, and friends.

When a person becomes a distraction, temptation, or enticement to a journey, will they recognize, respect, or most importantly encourage a personal journey?

Can love override a personal journey or will a personal journey override love?

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7 responses to ““Journey Unravel.””

  1. Absolutely. Being resolutely focused on one’s personal journey is challenging with the myriad of distractions that come one’s way. It can surely unravel one’s journey!

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  2. Never look at love as a distraction to a personal journey. What is a personal journey without it? It provides a deeper sense of passion and should always be supportive and one that encourages growth.

    The Ultimate Journey is truly within one’s self…no matter of time or place. As this world turns, as we are flexible, meshable and have the ability to change directions to an enhancement of our journey can never count a love that we want to be a part of us as a distraction. When a person recognizes that they are a distraction to a personal journey are they to discourage us from them? Of course it is the choices that each of us makes as to whether that distraction is now a part of our journey. A love will be respectful of another one’s journey and know that no matter the choice they are to encourage each other and be part of that journey as we invite them to be.

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    1. Great words of wisdom and inspiration Ellen. 🙂


  3. Both can happen – Love can override a personal journey, and a personal journey can override love. It all depends on what one values and what choices one makes. I have been derailed from my personal journey because I chose love, but now I realize the greatest love of all is being true to myself and my journey.

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    1. Excellent assessment, family & friend called me selfish as I pursued my personal dreams and my journeys.


      1. Being true to your self and your life path is not selfish, it is necessary and personally responsible. Listen to your inner voice for it is your best guide.

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