This week’s photo challenge is titled “Focus, ” and the photo I have submitted has several items of in and our of focus.

The primary object, the bridge, with the setting sun, and the clouds above are in detail focus. The cars on the bridge, the head along the lower half of the frame, the tree tops under the bridge and the safety cages along the bridge are out of focus, yet their silhouettes add to the entirety of the photo itself.

But in the endless waves of water provides a  landscape against the orange sky.

WordPress photo challenge


8 responses to ““Focus.””

  1. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻. Beautiful!

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  2. Yes, we often try to take in the entire view without focusing on the details. Time for a change!

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  3. The photo is beautiful. I can imagine how pretty it was in person! Dawn

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  4. The entire challenge of every day…

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  5. Nice shot. I taught film photography at my university as a student aid for a year and this is much better than what I saw come through the darkroom. Of course, this has some color which is of course. Different. What motivated you to take on these photo challenges?

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    1. I’m naturally drawn to take photos, but was told I’m a wildlife & landscape photographer. At the time I did know about the title or occupation. 😊🤔🙂😀


  6. You always manage to capture sunsets beautifully.

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