“Creatives, creativity, create.”


The human imagination has an unlimited capacity for creative ideas of any skill, form, and type beyond unknown insightful visions.

Creatives can spend many years or a lifetime developing, and hone their creativity to satisfy the yearning of their insightful concepts and soul.

For some creatives, their passions are not known immediately lying dormant within their emotions only ignited when exposed to a creativity their passions desires.

All successful creatives discover the commitment and dedication to express their creativity.

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8 responses to ““Creatives, creativity, create.””

  1. p.berla@comcast.net Avatar

    What file do I need in order to open your photos?

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    1. Sadly a month ago, I deleted photos from cache accidentally, in preparation for a change on the site in a couple of months. Go to my Instagram site for the photos. Sorry 😕


    2. I’m sorry for the slow response, but I mistakenly deleted the photos associated with blog post of the past three years. As time passes, I’m trying to recapture them. Agains sorry. 😦


  2. Yes, letting the soul ignite creative passion. Sometimes I think writing is better when creativity just flows out rather then thinking too much. True for me anyway.

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    1. I truly understand as I sometimes close my eyes and typing away the thoughts in my mind freely flowing. Most of my poetry is writing that way. 🙂

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    1. Thanks for the reblog, this came to me this morning. 🙂


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