” Opening your gate of lustful desires to travel.”

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Within some people is a gate closing off a lustful desire they refuse to open called travel. Lights of curiosity shine along the creases tempting your wishes, but fear and comfortable complacency secure the gate and the dream dormant within you.

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Talking about or taking action to fulfill your desire is often criticized and in some cases ridiculed by family and friends.


So act upon your yearning, with sacrifice, planning, and savings before your dreams and desires look back upon a life unfulfilled.

Collecting the moments

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3 responses to “” Opening your gate of lustful desires to travel.””

  1. My dearest friend I wish you JOY beyond your WILDEST dreams, HAPPINESS that you cannot imagine and LOVE that never ends!!Have an INCREDIBLE journey !
    Love you always.

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  2. What a desire to travel.
    I liked the images too.

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  3. This post was such a great read! I’m even more inspired to travel and realize my dreams!

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