“New Beginnings on Eclipse day.”


As I journey willy-nilly further into the 2nd chapter of my life, this blog has now morphed into a documentary of my global nomadic overland expedition travels and adventures.

For those who have followed me since the inception of my blog. Get ready for a new transformation as I become an “Overlander.”
What is an “overlander?”
An overlander is a person who travels continuously by vehicle usually a 4×4, RV or motorcycle over great distances and I have moved by all three modes of transportation
During my travels, I will explore the Americas documented with a blog post, short stories, writings about the locations I visit, coupled with photography, and video of scenic landscapes. An added extra will include my hiking and backpacking adventures.

So, follow along and let see whats over the horizon, and around the corner.

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5 responses to ““New Beginnings on Eclipse day.””

  1. I am so excited to follow you among the new beginnings of the continuations of your life’s journeys. Trek long and straight. Never be afraid to take that left or right turns and sometimes even U turns. Journey Safe

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  2. Looking forward to your new adventures as an Outlander!

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    1. Thanks, this is totally new and exciting. 😉

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