“Elevating my knowledge of West Wendover NV.”


My travel mission was set to photograph the Bonneville Salt Flats with a refuel top off in the town called West Wendover, NV en-route to Reno NV. However, it’s been my custom to stop at the visitors center of all towns and communities.

I was greeted by both of the two wonderful ladies in the photo below who informed me of their towns historic facts, its significance with the Transcontinental Telephone line, and so much more.

West Wendover NV
Kerrie Supanich Admin assists Karen Floyd Admin Clerk at the West Wendover NV Visitors Center.

They recommended taking selfies with “Wendover Will”  pictured above welcoming visitors to their community and they informed me of the upcoming air show set for the weekend of Sept 8-9. 2017.

When I mentioned I was slightly hungry they offered information about the various casinos and the options for some of the best eating establishments and locations.

These photographs are part of the historical markers west of town recognizing and detailing the journey settlers took on their trek westward, along with information about the Transcontinental Telephone lines above and below ground.

The information plaques describe the Ancient Lake Bonneville, the Western Pacific Railroad, and the significance of the Lincoln Highway. West Wendover is also known for the Men who trained on a top secret mission with the B-29 Bombers and the 5-Bomber wings associated with dropping bombs on Japan to end WWII.

The town straddles the Utah and Nevada Border with several casinos with their beautiful neon lights and professionally lighted truck-stops for tourist, trucker, or the weary traveler.

So the next time you are in the area cruising Interstate-80 stop by to see two of Wendover’s finest citizens who will elevate your knowledge of their town and you will be glad you stopped.

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6 responses to ““Elevating my knowledge of West Wendover NV.””

  1. Nice artical!

    Through all of the great information did your hosts at the information center happen to mention that Steve McQeen (Actor) spent many hours playing pool in the old saloons of Windover? OOOH I think my age is showing.
    Safe journeys


    1. Oh they never mention that. I do remember Steve McQueen!😀

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      1. We all use to hang around Wendover. And play pool in those days. 👼😎

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  2. Hello from the EAST side of Wendover…well I don’t live there, but Utah is my state! Hope you enjoyed your trek…and I never knew all that was over there…the only thing I’ve ever really heard about Wendover is that it’s the place a lot of Utahans go to gamble…. 😉 Happy Trails!

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    1. It is apparently the place for lots of Gambling and one of the shockers was to see people smoking inside. It has been several years since I ventured into a gambling casino. Apparently, nothing has changed with the constant noise of slot machines ringing. 🙂


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