“Exceptional Mistake.”


Mistakes are a part of life because life comes with morals but not application instructions.

Mistakes of the heart usually provide a second chance.

Mistakes are failures to learn from while building the knowledge and stamina to try again. So, mistakes will be made but don’t ever be afraid to try.


Mistakes become exceptional building blocks of life-long learning. Without mistakes, you can never become exceptional. Because in the end, a lifetime of mistakes produces your library of wisdom.

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7 responses to ““Exceptional Mistake.””

  1. Thanks for bring this forward as I have always believed for myself. Mistakes become my knowledge of life.

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  2. Can’t remember who said failure is the mother of success… but suppose mistakes is also another learning for future success. Most important is that we truly learn from it!

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  3. If you are not making mistakes, you are not trying, and you will never be exceptional.

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