What would your daily life be without risk?

Most people try to avoid risk and some at all cost while many people take a calculated risk.

Since the beginning of time risk has evolved with insurance to cover death, injury, property and just about anything else.

Eons ago someone cracked an egg ate the yolk raw and I bet some gaged while someone thought to cook the egg and now every type of egg is a daily occurrence around the world?

So, life is filled with risk yet without it, the evolution of humanity to learn would never evolve.

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In the end, do not volunteer first.

Personally, I live my life by reducing risks using the phrase “avoiding the oops.” 🙂

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4 responses to ““Risk?””

  1. Give it a try indeed. But remember, doing the same things over and over again expecting a different result could be the true definition of insanity….

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  2. What seemed like fun years ago came with a generous amount of risk. We didn’t see it then. Most of us changed our decision making habits and settled into a more mundane existence with risk confined to weekends and vacations. Now with old age enveloping, some every day activities seem to find their way onto the risk continuum. Backing up in the Walmart parking lot, driving at night, a third beer, rare steak and R rated movies. Oh, and steps. Going up is exhausting but going down requires knees that are fifteen years younger.

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    1. Hey, Mike those old age risk assessments, especially backing up in a Walmart Parking lot and the third beer are true to life. 🙂

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