“Mirrored Gratitude.”

Abstract autumnal backgrounds with petzval lens bokeh

With their annual Halloween party two days away, Erica stood in the mirror admiring her Cleopatra costume. She adjusted the black wig with a gold beaded headpiece while marveling at the matching earrings and choker necklace.

She began studying the costumes sleeveless top with brightly colored gold pyramid sequined edgings, and she moved closer towards the mirror she noticed that with no bra on she was trying to determine if it was on backward.

At 79 years of age, Erica has no surreal belief about her former soft womanly curves that have filled in knowing time and gravity has taken over her body.

When Franklin, her husband of 57-years, enters the room in his orange pumpkin costume to stand behind her. He places his arms around her waist with his head over her right shoulder looking into the mirror and tells her.

I believe your top is on backward.

Eric asks; How do you know?

Franklin reaches upwards to reveal the label in the mirror.

Erica asks; How did you know?

Franklin, tells her, from the rear, your lovely curves were visible.

Erica smiles, leaning her head towards Franklin’s, placing her hands over his and says. But with no bra on, if I turn the top around, I prefer my nipples not to show.

With a smirking grin, Franklin tells Erica. I prefer them not to be shown because your Cleopatra beauty is captivating.

Eric turns slightly to kiss Franklin’s his cheek.

A mirror cannot reveal 57-years of friendship, love, and marriage lasting forever. (M. J. Leake) 🙂

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