“Centenarian love, passion, marriage, and dancing.”


The annual sweetheart’s dance has become a coveted gala event for the 190 residents at the “Living Years Village.” And again for the third year in a row Edgar and Elizabeth Harden gingerly, soft-shoed around the dance floor strutting to the harmonizing tunes of their 1940’s big band favorites.

The residents seated at their dinner tables surrounding the dance floor watching in amazement while taping their feet, swaying from side to side as the mesmerizing tunes brought smiles to everyone’s face.


For four years the Hardens have been residents and everyone’s favorite adorable couple always seen walking in the garden holding hands, cuddling during every movie night, and seated next to one another at every meal.

One day after Thursday’s, parmesan chicken dinner Edgar took his buttocks cushion from his seat placed it under his right knee to propose to Elizabeth.

His movements captured everyone’s attention bringing a hushed silence to the dining room when he slid a diamond ring on to her finger. When she acknowledged with a yes, everyone applauded.

The following Wednesday after lunches tuna casserole, they married one another with a small ceremony in our community’s chapel surrounded by family and friends, and for both, this was they’re first ever marriage.

Their grace and style on the dance floor have captured the attention of local news stations who sent a photographer and video crew to document the dancing of Edgar who turned 102 in January and Elizabeth who celebrated her triple-digit of 100 in December.

Their love and passion for one another inspires all of our residents and reveals love is timeless.

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