“Legendary Inheritance.”


Fifteen years have passed since international Dodgeball star Lucas Leonard Lopez was seen on the court. However, his eldest son Lewis Leonard Lopez has followed in his father’s footsteps playing Dodgeball and graduating from his father’s alma-mater Potemkin University where he has led the Dodgeball team to four NCAA championships.

The young phenom has chosen to forgo the international Dodgeball draft and became a walk-on at his father former international Dodgeball team, The “Ferrell Alley Cats” where after training camp, he signed a multi-year contract worth 75-million dollars.

But after one season where he led the Alley Cats to a championship winning season, he has retired from the Sport of Dodgeball to become wilderness trail guide in the city of Ushuaia, Argentina’s southernmost region guiding perspective travelers on backpacking adventurers and trips to the Antarctic.

He was asked why he is retiring and why the change?

Lewis Lopez calmly stated, Although I have inherited my father’s legendary Dodgeball skills and after successful years playing in college and a year in the pros, I want to relax and theorize about the meaning of life while escorting people into the beauty of nature.


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