“A blogger conversation.”

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The first daily word prompt “conversation” is appropriate to begin 2018 since a blog post initiates a conversation between bloggers around the world.

Four years ago when I began blogging my surprise was the conversations with other bloggers about every aspect of my blog postings. As my blog has expanded to different categories of short stories, poetry, photography and now my hiking adventures have been incredible.


My creative writing ideas arise from the inspiring conversations with my fellow blogging family members. So, I cannot wait until I begin backpacking, and other expedition activities to see the conversations expand.


When I began my online blogging conversation, I was surprised with numerous types of blogs, and I always wondered who was reading all of these postings.

I believe there are at least 7-billion people on the planet, and 20-30% are bloggers so at least one-hundred thousand people of the 7-billion fortunately or unfortunately thinks like you and me.

More importantly of the one hundred thousand people, five or ten-thousand will read what you post, and 10-30% will engage in direct conversation with you the blogger.

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3 responses to ““A blogger conversation.””

  1. Well yes! There will be conversations such as this one about conversations… heheh.
    People may not meet, but blogging helps connect, spread and share ideas, opinions. And it can bounce back and change one’s own view too. So yes let’s converse!

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  2. I’m just beginning my blogging journey, but I’m looking forward to the conversations and being able to connect with other people and share thoughts and stories. I’m excited to learn more about the world and it’s people through these blogger conversations.

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    1. It is truly amazing how blogging brings together so many thoughtful people with similar interest from around the world. The blogging experiences inspires thoughts of travel which further expands the mental attitudes with hope for a better world and future.


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