“Viable at any age.”


Mel and Susan Hubbard a married couple were sitting on a park bench after walking three miles along the beach which they do every other day when Susan tells Mel, Happy anniversary.

Mel reaches into his jacket pocket and hands Susan a wedding anniversary card.

As Susan reads the card, Mel says aloud.

One hundred years ago living past 50 was considered an ancient age, but we eat right, take our morning walks, we could live a long and healthy life together.

After reading the card, Susan leans over to kiss Mel’s cheek. Then tells Mel, living past the age of 100 is possible but would you want to?

Mells grabs Susan’s hand looking into her eyes and says, “only if you are with me, Susan.”

Susan replies: well, next week you will catch up with me with one year away from the triple digit.

Mel: Yeah, I know my birthday is on our bicycle day, and I only want to ride 25 miles for my birthday.

Susan: Oh, no Mel, we normally ride at least 30-miles.

Mel: I know, but, but I want to have more time to enjoy my favorite prize after our ride?

Susan: only if you can catch me. 🙂


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One response to ““Viable at any age.””

  1. abbas3rddaughter Avatar

    Loved the short story. Not sure if we’ll be riding bikes at 100 years old, but if we’re still holding hands and going for long walks, it will be enough 💕

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