“Winsome Characters.”


On the last day of school, when the final bell rang, all of the school’s administrators, teachers, secretaries, school counselors, school nurse, school custodians and all of the students attending Shawnee High school sat or stood quietly as the crackling sounds from public announcement speakers captured everyone’s attention.

The announcer began to speak.
Today marks the end of a 37-year teaching career for Mrs. Jeannette Robinson who is preparing to walk out of her classroom today for the last time as the Advanced Placement (AP) history teacher for 12 and 11th grade students.

Mrs. Robinson graduated from Spelman University in Atlanta GA in the spring of 1979. She was hired by our school district and entered our hallowed hallways for orientation the last week of July with the hope and optimism of a thousand suns. She has carved out a level of excellence which is the shining beacon of inspiration for every student, the school, and our community.

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In 1985, Mrs. Robinson established an after-school program for female students based on her college sorority experiences with the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority.
With the help of her sorority sister volunteers who provided educational tutoring, sex education, self-defense, money management, college preparations, and computer science classes.

Two years later AP math teacher, Mr. Marcus Roninson whose college fraternity Alpha Phi Alpha began a similar program for the male students with volunteers from his fraternity.
Within four years both programs began utilizing high school alumni as volunteers during their college breaks, with an intensive program during the summer months.

Every student who participated in these programs has matured to graduated our high school with college or university credits to received scholarships to universities and colleges around the world. The incredibly brilliant program is an educational funnel of excellence which has radiated throughout our school and school district.

Mrs. & Mr. Robinson have cemented an impressive legacy, here at Shawnee high school. However, neither of the two are finished with their careers.
When classes begin this fall, my daughter-in-law Mrs. Jeannette Robinson will be your new high school principal and my son will be your assistant principal, and they will continue the undulated waves of success for Shawnee high school.

Congratulation, Jeannette and Marcus, and I speak from the heart that everyone at Shawnee high school and the community loves you both dearly. Everyone’s heart is filled with joyous excitement for many decades of prosperous successes.

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My fifty-five years as your principal ends today, as well as vice principal Martha Robinson, my wife who completes her forty-one years here at Shawnee. We both will return as substitute teachers in the fall to be among three of our most significant and cherished accomplishments. Our High school, our daughter, and our community

Our school year ends today, so please remain safe this summer and return in August to begin a new era with Principal Jeannette Robinson and vice principal Marcus Robinson as your leaders.

There is thunderous applause heard throughout the campus for one or two minutes when the public system is heard again.

Oh, one last comment;
“Jeanette Robinson report to the principal’s office.”

There is laughter and cheering again even louder.

When a child is born, they are an unwritten computer program learning from parents, teachers, and society.
M. J. Leake

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