“Inscrutable trill silhouetted​ in front of me.”


I was scared almost out of my seat when Sister Abigale screamed at the top of her lungs forcing all of the fifth-grade students to stared forward, but it was apparent the class prankster, Abraham Jefferson had been up to no good as he snickered and laughed aloud.

Her anger was expected, as her voice trilled in horror, with the inscrutable words emitting from her mouth, only added to the frightening scene for the class of 25-students as she lifted a 12-inch garden snake from inside her desk in between her thumb and forefinger.

She stood from her desk, with the snake in her left hand placing it in a covered box, then she turned slowly walking towards me, and that’s when I grabbed my Rosery from inside my desk and started saying my prayers under my breath for what I don’t know.

But, when she stopped in front of my desk light seem to silhouette streaming from around her habit uniform overshadowed everything in front of me.

She raised her hand above my head pointing towards Abraham seated four desks behind me and motioning with her finger for him to come forward. The silence in the room was defining when only his saddle shoes clocked against the wooden floor.

As Abraham was escorted out of the room, I swear I could hear Sister Abigale speaking under her breath, and it wasn’t a prayer.

Abraham was not seen for several days, but when he returned he did not pull another prank the rest of the school year. 🙂

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