“Authentic Migrations.”


Capturing sunrise photos while stopped at the “Sols Cliff scenic overlook with views of Bar Harbor Maine from inside Acadia National Park.

The crisps winds of an early September cold weather front, caused my eyes to tear and blur my exquisite views leaving only the distant ocean waves sounds lapping against the shore for my senses to consume.


Wiping my eyes, I feel at peace when my eyes capture in the distance a flock of Semipalmated sandpipers flying south, for a warmer climate as I and many others will do?


After capturing my sunset photos, the approaching darkness, along with the chilly breezes blowing against my body signals my migration to a warmer climate.


Humans and birds in parallel migration to a warmer climate, sharing the title “Snowbirds.”

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5 responses to ““Authentic Migrations.””

  1. Love the first picture.

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