“Vaguely bestowed history.” (short story)


Ms, Charlotte Wetzler, was seated on the main stage, looking out upon well over 500-hundred guests who are her former students and the recipients of her 42- years of teaching eight and ninth grade American and World history.

Accompanying the stage with Ms. Wetzler are members of her school’s administration, School board members, politicians and the master of ceremonies along with the keynote guest speaker the notable State’s Attorney General who was her former student.

Elaborate picture frame photograph’s of Ms. Wetzler surrounded the walls around the entire banquet room with eight video monitors displaying photos and videos of Ms. Wetzler in action covering her career, while the speakers played music from her youth, and throughout the years she taught.

When Ms. Wetzler stood to speak, she received a standing ovation, but it was after she finished when the entire room rose again in ovation joyously clapping when someone yelled.
“What are you going to do in retirement, Ms. Wetzler!”


She waved to the crowd to quiet everyone to hear her stern and soft-spoken voice of wisdom utter her final words.

Every one of you has bestowed upon me words of love and appreciation this evening that I will be as vague as possible about what I’m going to do in retirement and I will allow my future options before me, dictate what I do.

Remember historically, I walk slowly, but I never walk backward.
Abraham Lincoln

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