“Knowing I love you.”

DSCN1878Every day I’m honored to wake knowing I love you.

  • My commitments and dedications to you are matched only by the sun’s rising and setting each day.
  • Our deeply shared love for one another is intertwined throughout our souls and our lives from the first day we met, and every day after, I have been overwhelmed to be in your presence.
  • I witnessed you birth our children, together we nurtured their minds, delivered compassionate hugs and empathetic words of counsel to soothe their fears and souls.
  • There has never been a moment, second, hour, day, month, or, year, when our commitment to one another has ever wavered as our love, has remained constant like the air we breathe.
  • I wake every morning knowing you are the love and joy embracing my heart, as I watch you move confidently through life, like the earth rotating on its axis.
  • I know in death, our love and commitment for one another will continue until we meet again knowing I love you.
  • (Excerpts from a short story)

10 responses to ““Knowing I love you.””

  1. Wow! Beautiful! 😘

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  2. Thought for Change Avatar
    Thought for Change

    This is so beautiful 😍

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  4. Debshikingjourney Avatar

    Beautiful words

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