“Expressing your passion.”

Discovering your passion is cathartic when you tell the world of your discovery.

Your discovery becomes a relief and telling the world hoping family and friends
acknowledge your discovery accepting its reality.

You, the creative, must remain on course to create and develop your passion.

Doubting, confidence becomes a persistent emotion along with your sidekick, called building courage.

It is a tug of war fought intensely within your soul and between your ears.

Everyday life, family, and friends are priorities, but your passionate focus can be lost to distractions.

Reducing social distractions and establishing a schedule builds confidence with familiar rituals to become comfortable, strengthening your beliefs, faith, and courage while eroding some of the doubt.

But in the end, it is persistent, hours of repeated study within your mind, body, and soul until the polished creative art expresses your passion.


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