“Fellow World Travelers.”

As always while I’m in Key West, I was up early for sunrise photos from Whites Piere. After talking with other sunrise photographers, I noticed a 2015 Fiat Class B camper van with European tags from the Netherlands in the parking lot with the sign, “The Two Dutchies on the move,” on the side.

The traveling couple named Roben, and Jose who are traveling the planet in their Fiat van which began when they shipped their vehicle from Bremerhaven Germany to New Foundland Canada to start their North America travels.

They are travel veterans crossing Canada into Alaska, with further plans to tour Central and South America.

They were touring the Nations Captial when they were told to leave as a hurricane was approaching. They have friends in Florida and when they arrived those friends suggested they check out the “Fantasy Festival,” in Key West, Fl. So off they went.

They like myself were overwhelmed with the hundreds of thousands of people, the noise, the traffic and were a little shocked with the display of nudity as we laughed about some of the sights we had seen.

It is always great meeting fellow travelers who seek nomadic adventures as we are a unique tribe of people whose experiences of the open road brings joys to our hearts. 🙂


4 responses to ““Fellow World Travelers.””

  1. that has to be such a wonderful part of the adventure, meeting fellow travelers )

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    1. It truly is and you realize the world of travel is a shared experience in many different forms and types of transportation.

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  2. Key West is always an adventure

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