This past February I attended the Key West Photo Festival with other photographers from around the US who broaden my knowledge and inspired my soul for the creative art.

For the 2nd year in a row, the 2019 Key West Photo festival organizers Quincy Perkins & Allison Tirrell have established a premier event in Key West Florida.

The event highlighted the works of Herman LeRoy Emmet and Djibril Drame whose photography were on display, along with all levels of photogrphers both local and national who submitted their works.

These photos are an assortment of abstract, natural setting and everything in between along with the people in attendance for talks about photography by various photographers explaining their motives and inspirations.

For the past four years my love for photography has continued to blossome with confidence as I have discovered various genres and many faceted elements for all levels of photography. As the future progresses my site will incorporate the photography I find interesting and I love, so stay tunned. 🙂


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  2. Stephanie regrets that she didn’t start to video our journey much earlier. We have had so many amazing adventures all over the world that would have been great to have captured on film. Steph has always had a great eye for photography, and now she is employing that same talent in her newfound passion for video editing.

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