“Poetry is Nature.”

Poetry is nature, infinite in age, revealed within the rings of Redwood, Sequoias, Oaks, Pines, cacti, with flora and fauna surrounding its roots.

Poetry is nature at every shoreline, beach, pond, lake, and river, of water.

Poetry is natures desert trails, where thorny cacti stretch towards the sky.

Poetry is natures forested hiking trails with a canopy of trees above, sun-light streams shimmering upon and illuminating flora and fauna filling your nose with the essence of your surroundings.

A simple walk, hike, or backpacking along any trail, beachfront, or shoreline is sighted poetry.

While my poetic words describe what is visually sighted, in your mind, your presence can absorb natures surrounding your body, mind, and soul with picturesque poetic landscapes and stress-relieving beauty.

Capture photos of natures beauty for framing in your home or office, to recall for your mind, heart, and soul of the natural poetic essence of nature until your return.


9 responses to ““Poetry is Nature.””

  1. Your photographs are beyond amazing so much that they look like paintings! Thanks for sharing – redwoods must be my all time favourite closely followed by sequoias! Have a good day 😀


  2. Beautiful! 😘

    Sent from my iPad Teri Soled


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  3. I may meet you somewhere one day on one of your beautiful outings. Camera in hand. 🙂

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    1. I look forward to such a chance meeting Andrea.


  4. You have a very unique way of representing your poem … Although your words have their own imageries but your pictures are like extra cheese … thanks for sharing 😊

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    1. Thank you so much for your comments. 🙂
      I’m inspired by nature and more of natures poems are in develepment.


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