"Moving forward and expanding."

Moose Cow near Glacier NP

I have slacked in blog posts since September of this year as my sumer travels have inspired my creative writings, poetry, and photography.

During November, I again participated in the worldwide month-long “National Novel Writing Month event,” also known as NaNoWriMo.

As a writer, I’m an outliner/planner, but I fell prey to the “research rabbit-hole,” causing me not to finish. But in the end, my research built created inspiring ideas leaving me excited about the future.

A couple of weeks before NaNoWriMo, I purchase a new-laptop and within three to five minutes of the computers setup. I immediately understood my co-dependent abusive relationship with the old laptop.
It was apparent the old laptop had a hold on me, becasue who wants to be recycled?

My new computer immidately revealed the speed and quick response when processing several hundreds of photos, without an error messages. I no longer say aloud, “be patient, what’s the rush?”

So, prepare for more consistent blog posts from a pre-published aspiring writer, poet, photographer and traveler.


8 responses to “"Moving forward and expanding."”

  1. Sent from my iPad Teri Soled



  2. Always look forward to your blog post!!!!

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  3. Beautiful photographs and beautiful mountain views. Thanks for sharing and have a good day. Aiva

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  4. The minute we entered Yellowstone, we spied a Moose and had no idea how lucky we were to have done so. When we met other tourists, we’d compare our respective lists of animals we’d seen and the other party would lament that the only animal they hadn’t come across so far, was the Moose. Imagine our delight in knowing we had seen the elusive Moose. Your shots are sharp and great. Well done!

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