Nomadic traveler/author inspirer

Over the past four years my travels have brought me into contact with some fascinating people, and recently I was fortunate to meet Sue Ann Jaffarian, a best selling published author of twenty plus novels and fellow nomadic traveler.

She took to the road of full-time travel in her Winnebago Travato just over one year ago she nickname “Novela.” She is also a writing contributor for WinnebaGo Life. You can read her recent article explaining her first year of travel across the US, along with her experiences and lessons learned.

We sat for an hour talking of travel stories, and she encouraged and inspired me to balance my loves of hiking, bicycling, and photography with sitting still to write.

I was fortunate to meet her again, in Ocala Florida, where she spoke with her adoring readers/fans at the local library. That was an opportunity I will cherish as I gathered knowledge and further inspiration.

Now I must return to my writing and get some time for me to write. Thank you, Sue Ann! 🙂


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