Happenstance with fellow travelers

Cracker Barrel RV parking

I love to travel around the western US along two-lane roads while remaining above interstates-90 and 94, seeking high altitudes compared to south Florida’s humidity with temperatures in the 90s.

The evenings in the Northwestern U. S. are simply beautiful when the sunsets, allowing the temperatures to fall into the 60s and 50s depending on elevation.

So, places like Bozeman and Missoula Montana are excellent, with short distances between towns, and their elevations provide for a beautiful evening not low humidity with a breeze.

Bozeman MT Walmart RV overnight parking

I overnighted in the Walmart parking lot in Bozeman, MT, and found a friendly neighborly feeling among the 40-60 RVs scattered around the parking and the side of the main building.
Every type of RV, van, car, truck, and camper, ranging in size from a 40-foot plus in length motor homes, pulling their cars, to the tiniest of car campers, aka Toyota Prius.

So, in the morning, just after 6:00 am, I continued my westward push and figured I boon-dock in the RV parking area at the Cracker Barrel in Missoula, MT, just over 150-miles away.

Expedition Overland Nomadic Adventurer and 2nd chance -hiker, Missoula MT

My happenstance was meeting YouTube celebrity instagram 2nd-Chance Hiker and another YouTuber, Rob and Marvy, and Jackson, their lovable and playful Border Collie.

After dinner, we all talked and fellowshipped, discussing our adventures and future travel destination. Meeting travel friends reveals the fate of my travels.

Now, it’s time to replace the rubber shoes on the beast in the morning.


One response to “Happenstance with fellow travelers”

  1. Marty,

    Looks like you are having a lot of fun. It makes RVing look mighty attractive.



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