Adventure vehicle maintenance

Every full-time traveler relies on their adventure equipment and I’m no different. Within a 30-day period I conduct routine maintenance checks on my thirsty Beast and teardrop Maxey.

Old tires a couple of months ago on the East-coast.

Although my nomadic travels over the past year had me traveling far and wide and yet crossing the U. S. from west to east only once. August 19, will mark the one year anniversary of purchasing my 2018 Toyota Sequoia aka my thirsty beast.

While in Missoula Montana after encountering fellow nomadic travelers the night before, I stopped at the Les Schwab tire store, and exchanged my worn current four tires for new all-terrain tires with aggressive treads. I’m looking forward to off-road trail riding in the coming months in Washington and Oregon states.

The odometer on my vehicle when I purchased, was 18163-miles. Well, today as I write this blogpost the odometer reads 44638. Yes, I drove 26,475 miles in less than a year.

After the installation of the new tires, along with a check of the tire pressure on Maxey’s tires, I continued west toward the Coeur d’Alene ID, where I purchased the beast at Parker Toyota. It was time for its ten thousand mile oil change and maintenance check by Toyota technicians.

Its time for some Pacific coast beach fun.

The beast passed with flying colors, and now its is time to continue on into Washington State, aka my happy place.


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