Grove of the patriarchs

Within the Mount Rainer National Park, is Stevens Canyon gate entrance where the Grove of the Patriarchs trail head begins. It is a 1.1 mile fairly easy hike along a undulating dirt path with a one person crossing suspension bridge. The trail leads to a raised planked path to saunter among 1000 years old trees covered in green moss. This is one of dozens’ of day hikes and overnight backpacking within Mount Rainer National Park.

The Grove trail head has a parking lot for about 20-25 cars or trucks with toilets. I recommend arrival before 9:00 am because the parking lot fills fast and the one person crossing bridge can backup, so bring you patience.

The trees are surreal in their appearance with information placards explaining the types of trees along with environmental information about the details of the Grove of trees.

Their majestic presences brings self reflection with only the foot steps of hikers, birds tweeting in the background, providing a calming easy peaceful feeling.



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  1. An incredibly magical place.


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