Nature’s forested spirituality

Grove of the Patriarchs trail.

When I walk along a beach or hiking trail, I’m within “my happy places of Nature’s Spirituality.”
I often stop along a forested trail, listening and enjoying the quiet moments absorbing nature’s sounds of silence, calming my mind, body, and soul.

Old growth forest Open City Washington State

Winds sifting through a dense forest, moving dark green moss-filled elder trees. An emerald forest emits silence to hear droplets of pine needles falling through the air, softly landing upon nature.

For me, the visual beauty of nature is personal as I wander a trail, soaking in the smells of what I witness. My time within my cave of wilderness is deeply personal, unable to describe my emotions as I linger meditative within my thoughts.

Ruby Beach National Park Pacific Ocean

The oceans visually mesmerize with never-ending waves of water breaking upon a sandy shoreline of nature’s melodic, soothing sounds.


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