Washington State’s Pacific Coast

The Beast and Maxey on the Pacific Coast

It’s been four months since I enjoyed a sandy beach beneath my feet with the sounds and smelled of an ocean before my eyes.

An ocean becomes visually mesmerizing with never-ending waves of water breaking upon a shoreline, is nature’s melodic, soothing sounds.

Washington State will forever be a special place I will return to each year to explore to enjoy the beauty it provides.

Across the country, I visit many unique outdoor places I have fallen in love with, touching my heart, mind, and soul.

My many destinations have become yearly shrines I return to like the snowbird I am. Yet, I do not photograph or write about every place because they are extraordinarily emotional and spiritual places for me.

The yearly razor clam season is always fantastic to witness entire families harvesting clams and this year was notable as the skies above brought forth the day’s beauty.


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  1. Great image of the car and camper!

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