Traveler types

Grove of The Patriarchs Trees, Mount Rainer NP.

Many times throughout my travel life my thoughts drift to all of the ways I travel. I walk, also known as hiking, and or backpacking, bicycling, Rooftop living and Rving.

Campgrounds at Cascade Locks, Oregon on the Columbia River.

Since acquiring Maxey, my little oversized tear-drop recreational vehicle, I have become quite comfortable, leaving it parked at a campground and driving within a 300-miles radius touring and visiting National and State Parks.

I have found time to day hike returning to the RV like an apartment/condo on wheels. But, there have been times I just want to open up a rooftop tent and setup camp in a national Forest or established National Park campground, so a return to a rooftop tent may be in my future. There are many location with

When touring Washington State, with so much to do and see, from the sea shore to, the Cascades regions, old growth forests and eastern high desert. I will return changing my travels sleeping arraignments from backpacking sleeping on the ground, in a rooftop tent and back to home base. campgrounds Copalis Beach Washington

Above is one of my favorite campground destinations near Copalis Beach in the county of Grays Harbor, Washington. The population has less than a 700-hundred people, and the name “Copalis” is taken from the Quinault language term /k’ʷpíls/, which are the name of the indigenous people who have occupied the area for centuries.

No matter where I travel or by whatever means of movement, I’m always surrounded with incredible views.


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  1. Awesome pictures, Marty. Stay safe.

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