Spring time sounds of the trail

Spring time sounds of peace

Springtime in Northern Nevada, I feel a trail beckoning my restless soul. Spring has sprung, or so I thought, with snow on the peaks.

Ruby Mountains

I want to day hike and infuse my spirit with natures surroundings for my eyes close and thoughts to heal.

I want to hear my hiking boots striking the ground in coordinated motion with my hiking poles.

My weighted daypack bouncing from side to side as I listen to the silence of the trail.

A simple trail

The simplicity of walking listening to footsteps, with occasional winds blowing through bare limbs above.

The naming of the Ruby Mountains

I occasionally stop along the trail, my spirit soaking up the silence, calming my soul, easing my mind to recognize the beauty within and surrounding me.


3 responses to “Spring time sounds of the trail”

  1. You were in tune with nature. The sounds of the moving stream was quite soothing and the various shots of the mountains and terrain give a peaceful outlook. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Marty, I am a little disappointed with the beauty you encountered you couldn’t find more than a few sentences to describe your adventure on the trails. You had to have spent the night in eyedrop trailer. Did you not ponder more the beauty you experienced during the day hike? You can do better than this.


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