My Valentine’s Day love letter.

My yearly love letter for my metaphoric wives, writing, and reading has weighed upon my consciousness when my imagination has brought forth a reality to appear before me. Shocked is the reaction when vision becomes a reality.

Attraction is a natural, shared between two.

The compatibility of shared loves, desires, and hobbies is evident, yet moving cautiously toward a surreal reality.

My year ahead is planned. My thoughts now include an unexpected possibility.

A distraction within my thoughts, lingering against my time for writing short stories, novels, poetry, and editing?

My future, my focus, held steady, yet thoughts drift to a possible reality sparking and soaking within my heart.

First-wife writing keeps me grounded; sister-wife reading helps my focus—together, a dynamic duo comfortable like a glove, with all ten digits snug and happy.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


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