The tone of words are interpreted by those listening.

Dreams, hopes, and beliefs are broken with words.

The egos of humans are broken with words.

Words can divide to harm many.

Fragile is what we all are.


2 responses to ““Fragile.””

  1. My best friend died last night, almost 24 hours ago, losing a fight with an aggressive mediastinal cancer. She was 55 years old. She had been healthy, active a non- smoker and a non-drinker. Her mother died two years ago at 93 so her illness was a shock to all of her friends. Fragile? We are all fragile from words, attitudes, health and life. I have been thinking all day, this loss fresh to me, about how unfair life is and how precious. The human body is made up primarily of six elements – oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, calcium, nitrogen and phosphorous. We are delicate creatures both physically and psychologically. Maybe, if we can remember these things more often, we will be more grateful for our friendships, will nourish them more gently and lovingly. Maybe, just maybe, we will reach out more often to the people that we love and care about……before it is too late.

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