“Embarrassing​ squat.”


It was a hot July the 4th holiday, and several of my neighborhoods were gathered at my home as I hosted a Bar-B-Que. One of my, neighbors a young couple in their mid-twenties who were three years into their marriage with a two-year-old child attended. Since the other couples in attendance offspring were in college or on their own, everyone spoiled the young toddler.

It was late in the afternoon, after eating the prepared food their child awoke from a nap and was dancing to the sounds of the music played in the background. At one point the baby squatted bouncing up and down to the music causing us all to laugh aloud.

The mother immediately knew the motion as a possible number #2, but not before the young father who had consumed several beers and changed to lemon flavored rum and iced-tea began to mimic his young child. We all laughed as he squatted and attempted to bounce up and down.

After bouncing twice, he slowly raised up and eased himself into the patio chair. The young mother’s assumption of her child needing to be changed caused her to take the child inside, and the father immediately said he would help, following his wife into the house.

That was the last we saw of the family that evening, as they entered the house through the French doors because the visible dark stain on the patio chair matched his brown shorts and fortunately the odor was not as noticeable.

Needless to say, the seat was not used again, and oh, yes we all laughed very hard.

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4 responses to ““Embarrassing​ squat.””

  1. Oh deary me! Squatting is obviously a dangerous pursuit.

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  2. LOL. Still laughing.

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    1. Thanks Marie, it starts the morning right. 🙂

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