“Pacific Crest Trail hikers.”

I was privileged to meet various unique and distinct hikers who comprise an incredible assortment of interesting people who are among the best of the hiking community like Michael, a Vietnam Veteran trail name “Animal.”

PCT Trail Days 2019

At age 74 Michael is eager to tell and reveal the injuries he suffered from a head-on collision on the 7-mile bridge in the Florida Keys. He lost 4% of his left calf and with a scar from above his navel to the center of his chest. His doctors told him not to hike, but wisdom has taught him, if you stop moving, you will die, and he is not going to stay in a Veterans hospital waiting for death.

PCT Trail Days 2019 Volunteers

I met several people who are currently hiking the Pacific trail, but periodically leave the trail to work at local businesses to support, their hike.

I met and talked with two of Youtube’s popular backpacking and hiking content providers, “Darwin on the trail.” and “2nd Chance Hiker.” We discussed how the support and camaraderie hikers share with one another.

Below are the social media site of several of the people I spoke with. Check out their websites and learn more about their adventures.

Photo courtesy of Youtube 2nd chance Hiker

2nd Chance Hiker


Photo courtesy of Youtube Darwin on the Trail


Photo courtesy of https://www.instagram.com/p/BwS9t2UFdGu/

David Ceballos

Photo courtesy of instagram https://www.instagram.com/pctwa11acew/

Chandra, “Stark Naked.”


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